• Marine & Shipping
  • Marine & Shipping

AMASCO acts as a shipping agent for various ship owners around the world and owns a fleet of crew boats and supply vessels engaged in the following categories of work:

Supply of Fresh Drinking & Distilled Water to vessels at the anchorage of all UAE Ports: With the capacity to supply 1500 metric tons at a time with a pumping rate of 100metric tons per hour, AMASCO is one of the largest suppliers of fresh water in this region.

Transportation of Crew/ Ship Store Provisions and odd-shaped cargoes, throughout the Gulf and Arabian Sea, carrying up to 500 metric tons on the deck.

Diving Support

Charter of own Supply and Crew Boats on long and short basis Assistance and Standby Service for Ship-to-Ship oil transfer operations Offshore Supply of Gas Oil and Lubes on behalf of oil companies throughout the UAE, Gulf and the Arabian Sea. Shipping Agents in UAE for ship owners which includes

Ship spares clearance and forwarding

  • Crew Changes
  • Boat Services
  • Cash to Master Services
  • Crew Travel Requirements & Accommodation
  • Safety inspection & Cargo Gear Surveys