• Health & Safety policy
  • Health & Safety policy

Our HSEQ policy is our commitment with a primary objective to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, sub-contractors, customers, company property & quality of workmanship.

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

  • AMASCO is committed to preventing and incidents or work-related ill health and providing adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work activities to our employees and stake holders.
  • Prevent injuries, ill health, identify occupational hazards and assess risks and initiate appropriate steps to control them.
  • Responsibly deal with environment by minimizing pollution of the atmosphere, air, water, land, ground water and identify and control all aspects connected with our activities, products and services.
  • Encourage all those who work for us and on behalf of our organization to practice good health, safety and environmental approaches to work and life.
  • Management recognizes and accepts their responsibilities to ensure a safe and healthy working environment with safe operating systems of work for all employees and to provide information, training and supervision as required.
  • Management should ensure that the employees are actively involved on matters that affect the health and safety.
  • Management will assess our occupational health risk and take action to prevent, reduce or control occupational health risk to an acceptable level and reduce the potential for ill health.
  • Identify, fulfill and comply with all applicable legal and other requirements and behave as a responsible corporate citizen in all our business activities.
  • The policy will be reviewed and amended, as necessary.

Everyone has the right and is expected to intervene when observing any unsafe act or unsafe condition.